Cow Cuddling Airbnb

As the name suggests, cow cuddling can enhance your spiritual and mental well-being. This has become a popular way to connect with and protect cows.

Stay at our Cow Sanctuary

If you are looking to change up life to include some spice, here’s your chance. Set in the foothills of the massive Diablo mountains, you can expect to breathe in aromas that belong to nature and life that is unique and invigorating. You can watch the serene cows and be able to catch your breath and slow down the pace just a bit to enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings. If you want more action, you will be able to befriend the sanctuary animals and try out some therapeutic “cow cuddling”.

A Few More Services

Go Puja

The go puja removes poverty, gives good health, wealth, and prosperity. It is also said that childless get a child, one can repay debts and one can overcome all hurdles through go puja.
Service done unto the mother cow is a direct service to Krishna Himself. “Surbhir Abhipalyantam”.The eternal Cowherd, HE takes pleasure in tending to Mother Surabhi. Make donations for organising go-puja and invoke blessings of the Divine Lord and GauMata.

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Wedding Anniversary

Invite all auspiciousness and blessings to strengthen your marital bond by serving the mother cow who is divinity personified. Donate on your Big Day and help to conserve the Bhraminical culture and Gaumata.

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House Warming

Summon all the positive energies in your house and make your grihapravesh free of obstacles by serving the cows. Donate for a noble cause and for your own spiritual advancement.

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“Only by the combination of brahmanas and the cows, is the performance of sacrifice for the pleasure of Vishnu complete.” In fact the outer care of the cow reflects the inner care of the self: the cultivation of divine awareness, which yields the milk of truth and pure perception. Donate for Organising a Yagna for VishvKalyaan (welfare of the world) and global peace.

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Sudharshan Homa

Please come forward and donate for performing the Sudarshan Homa to gain prosperity, victory over enemies and evil powers, for achieving desired success and for removing all negative energies.

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Feeding our cows

Make donations to feed the cows and help conserve Gaumata. Cow protection and conservation invokes blessings from divine.

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Narsingha Homa

Attain prosperity, mental peace, reduce your karmic debts and remove past sins by donating for performance of Narsingha Homa at Sri Surbhi Go Kshtera.

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Gau Puja for forefathers

Worshiping the cows’ can remove one’s Pitrdosha. No other ritualistic worship satisfies the souls of forefathers as the performance of Gaupuja. Donate for invoking the blessings of forefathers by organising Gaupuja with us.

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Invite the divine blessings and celebrate the Birthdays of your loved ones by donating for cow conservation and protection.

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Private Tour of Gaushala

Donate for a private tour to well-maintained gaushala running on the vedic principles. Help the cow lovers and future cow care takers to learn the art and science of cow maintenance and cow protection.

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