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Ghee Weight: 1000 ML / 34.2 ounces
Packaging Contain: 1 Unit.
Desi Gir Cow Ghee Whole Milk Yoghurt Ghee by Chandan Bilona
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Why Gir GoRas Ghrut

Gau Gruth manufacture by following Vedic process, as far as possible, from the milk of cows fed on seasonal grasses or fodder, vegetables, herbs and nutritional feed, is medicinally beneficial and therapeutically potent in nature.

The Ghee produced by Gir Gau Jatan Sansthan is prepared from the milk of the cows fed only on-farm grown feed.

This ghee has the potency to increase bodily vigor, enhance memory and intellect.

It has the capacity to boost your immunity and enable you to fight all types of bacterial and viral infections.

The specialty of the ghee made by Gir Gau Jatan Sansthan is that the milk used to manufacture comes from the cows that are regularly fed on seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs.

The ghee is particularly infused with the qualities of seasonal vegetables, fruits and herb that add to its nutritional value.

Gir Cow Ghee Benefits

Ghee is extensively used in Ayurvedic practice, especially in degenerative, chronic and deep-seated diseases. Ghee is used as medicine by itself or as media for extraction, absorption and assimilation of any medicine.  It is used as media for absorption of lipid soluble vitamins or other active principles in food or medicine.

A number of diseases like Acidity, Anemia, Anti-dote of poison, Anti-dots of drugs (Bhang etc.), Asthma, Bilious Irruption, Boils on the tongue and palate, Blood Impurity, Bleeding Dysentery, Burning sensation of eyes, Constipation, Chronic cough, Chronic fever, Chilblains of sole, Dark complexion, Dark freckles on the face, Diarrhea, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Gonorrhea, Gout, General Debility, Jaundice, Nose Bleeding, Natural sleep inducing tonic, Piles, Rashes due to Biliousness and known to be cured effectively by Godhara ghee.

SHREE GIR GORAS GHEE has the ability to increase the levels of fat-soluble vitamins, especially Vitamin E in the blood which is an important antioxidant in preventing oxidation of LDL and thus prevents heart attack etc.

When used as nasal drops SHREE GIR GORAS ghrut helps to reduce headaches and improves eyesight.

Benefits of Feeding Jeevanti to Gir Cow

The qualities of food get ingrained in physical and mental body of any living entity. The feed of the cow therefore is a deciding factor for the quality of the milk or ghee it produces.

The cows fed on jeevanti produce milk infused with all the medicinal beneficial qualities of the same. The ghee prepared from the milk of such cows has the potency to enhance one’s immunity, deter aging process as it is rich in antioxidants, increases eyesight and keeps the gut flora intact so that the human digestive system works naturally.

Jeevanti Ghee is beneficial for the people suffering from the problem of mouth and stomach ulcers.
The ghee is very useful to overcome the physical weakness which one experiences after fatal infectious and communicable diseases such as flu, lung disorders, pneumonia, T.B. etc

Fever and cough issues can be simply overcome by including Jeevanti Ghee in your daily diet.
The principle that one becomes what one eats is true in real sense. To bring about mental peace enhanced memory and sharp intellect human kids if given Jeevanti ghee will grow in healthy individuals and prove an asset to society.

Benefits of Feeding Shatavari To Gir Cow

Shatavari is a miracle herb with immense medicinal benefits. It increases one’s vigor, enhances reproductive health, helpful in removing sterility among other health benefits.

The ghee infused with the quality of Shatavari is nectarine for it helps to keep all kinds of diseases and physical disorder at bay.

For women who have given birth can restore their strength and beauty by taking Shatavari Ghee regularly. It also enhances production of breast milk essential for infant’s growth.

One can easily treat the bodily weakness arising after viral and bacterial infections that may be detrimental to lung’s and heart’s health.

Shatavari ghee can help treat dysentery and improves the functioning of one’s digestive system.
The ghee is equally potent to address urinary tract and reproductive organs’ health issues.

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