Our cows need your help !!

Dear Devotes/Friends.

As you know our Goshala is operational at this time, but due to COVID we are still not having all of you to visit the farm on a regular basis.
We have been fortunate with all your donations and association which we are truly indebted for. We are reaching out to you to help us with
a specific project for our Goshala which is time-critical, our cows today don’t have a direct water source and we are purchasing water from outside.
We now need to plan for a more permanent solution by having our own well onsite.
As we all know, a project of this size costs us a lot of money, we have had some donations come in but are reaching out to donors like yourselves to raise $15,000.
We hope to reach out to each one of you to help achieve this to fulfill this project and to enable our cows to have natural water.

Thanking you for all your time.