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The ISKCON Daiva Varnasrama Ministry of India (IDVM-India) invites intentional communities (including individuals, families, villages, organization, groups from both private, public and governmental sectors and for the purpose of this document all referred to as “applicants”) who support the universal principles of food production through localized economy, who value the protection of our mother cow and our father bull, and who advocate a lifestyle based on traditional simple living and high thinking to become “Patron Members” of IDVM-India Sustainable Eco Alliance. - Visit IDVM-India SEA page for more details like mission, vision, pre-requisite and benefits. - "Your Price" correspond to a fixed percentage of your net monthly income in cash or kind, the minimum being 2% (two percent). Please enter the amount during registration. Leave the default value if you are not sure and select "Pay by Check"

The price for membership is $10.00 per Month.

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